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Hourly Rate (minimum)

£50/hr inc VAT

Half Day Rate (4hrs)

£200 inc VAT

Full Day Rate (8hrs)

£340 inc VAT

Planned Overtime

£50/hr inc VAT

Unplanned Overtime

£75/hr inc VAT


Studio Measurements

Studio Space

Shooting Space
Length: 16.5m/54.1ft 
Width: 7.08m/23.3ft 
Height to RSJ: 3.0m/9.8ft 
Height to Scaffolding: 3.2m/10.6ft 
Height to Ceiling: 3.5m/11.6ft

Customisable Set Wall 
Width: 5.0m/16.5ft 
Height: 3.5m/11.6ft 
Material: 12mm Plywood
Paintable & Mountable


Secondary Spaces 

Kitchen Area: 19.48m² 

Hallway Area: 26.75m² 

Electric Roller Shutter 

Width: 3.5m/11.6ft 

Height: 3.0m/9.8ft 


Private Courtyard 

Length: 11.4m/37.5ft 

Width: 7.08m/23.3ft 

Gate Opening Width: 3.7m/12.2ft 


Private Courtyard 

Ideal For Parking, food catering, shooting & more. Paired with the electric roller shutter and 200kg capacity equipment trolley, loading in your equipment is simple. We recommend up to 3 parked cars. 


Power Options 

There are 4 ring mains in the studio space with a variety of strategically placed 13 amp sockets. The shooting space & courtyard commando sockets share a 32 amp feed. 


Super Fast Internet

(Up To 500Mbps) We have a standard wifi router in the studio space capable of 100Mbps.This can be improved to 500Mbps with hard wired ethernet. 


Blackout & Daylight 

The shooting space has window frames that removes all light sources. There are 4 windows for natural light. 


Disabled Access & Toilet 

We have disabled access via the courtyard and a disabled toilet. 



The studio has grey concrete flooring throughout, this can be painted at an additional cost. We’d appreciate it if you can notify the studio manager regarding any spillages or damage. 


Room Acoustics

Kelham Studio is NOT a sound stage. We have 4m(w)x3m(h) black duvetyne drapes are available which can help baffle sound. They are attached via magnets to the RSJ’s or cabled to scaffolding. 

Set Wall

The set wall has been built with 12mm Plywood, giving you the ability to screw, paint and mount to it easily. It can be as a green screen, kitchen sets, podcast and more. Please speak to a member of the studio team if you have any enquiries. 


Speaker System

The shooting space has 4 speakers in each corner linked up via bluetooth. They can be used by different devices simply by disconnecting and connecting. Please connect to :PVSeries. 


Scaffolding Rig

The scaffolding system was designed with DOPs, Gaffers and Grips in mind, ensuring that lighting can be rigged overhead safely with plenty of power options. Steel Safety Cables must be used on all equipment attached to the scaffolding rig. Cables are available to use and come as standard with every booking.This is to ensure everyone’s safety in the studio. 


Food & Drink

Kelham Studio offers a range of drinks and snacks. The studio manager will be able to assist you throughout your booking. 


Equipment & Storage

Our studio is equipped with a full CCTV system covering key areas. No equipment is left on site overnight. Kelham Studio is not liable for any damage or theft of any equipment left on the premises. 


Space & Capacity

Kelham Studio can hold up to 100 people. Animals Pets are allowed on request.

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