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Kelham Studio
· Est 1883 ·

Swift Levick was founded in 1883 by Thomas Swift Levick and a Mr. M'Gillivary based in Clarence Works, Leveson St, the home of Kelham Studio. The company produced high-quality crucible steel, and after the initial partnership was dissolved, Thomas Levick was joined by his three sons. In 1912, one of the sons, Henry, decided to start manufacturing permanent magnets.

In 1978, Swift Levick was acquired by the Duport Group, who sold the firm to the Magnetic Materials Group three years later. The company was then acquired by Outokumpu, the Finnish group best known for producing stainless steel, in 1989.

This partnership brought global recognition to Swift Levick, solidifying its position as a leader in the magnetic materials industry. Throughout its journey, from humble beginnings to international success, Swift Levick has embodied a legacy of excellence and innovation.

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